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HCI International 2007

22-27 July 2007 - Beijing, P.R. China

HCI International 2007, the 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction was held in Beijing, P.R. China, 22-27 July, jointly with the:

  • Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) 2007
  • 7th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics
  • 4th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction
  • 2nd International Conference on Virtual Reality
  • 2nd International Conference on Usability and Internationalization
  • 2nd International Conference on Online Communities and Social Computing
  • 3rd International Conference on Augmented Cognition
  • 1st International Conference on Digital Human Modeling

This event was one of the biggest ever organised in the fields related to Human-Computer Interaction and Information Society Technologies, and attracted an unprecedented number of 2300 participants from 76 countries, representing the research and academic communities as well as industry.

The Conference Programme was organised into 10 thematic areas, namely Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with Computers, Human Interface and the Management of Information, Human-Computer Interaction, Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, Usability and Internationalization, Online Communities and Social Computing, Augmented Cognition, and Digital Human Modeling.

The programme featured 1 plenary session, 256 parallel paper sessions, 18 tutorials, 2 workshops, and 371 poster presentations. The Keynote speaker was Professor Takeo Kanade, from Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA., USA, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan. His enlightening talk was entitled “Digital Human Modeling and Quality of Life Technology”.

HCI International 2007 and the affiliated Conferences explored a wide variety of new hot topics which reflect and contribute to a paradigm shift towards ubiquitous interaction, intelligent environments and interactive technologies supporting virtually any aspect of human life and activities in a global and social perspective.

The Proceedings have been published by Springer in the LNCS/LNAI series, and consist of 17 volumes containing 1681 papers in total. The Proceedings are also available on–line through the LNCS Digital Library, readily accessible by all subscribing libraries around the world.

Volumes of the Conference Proceedings
Volume LNCS/LNAI Title Editor(s) ISBN
LNCS 4550 Human-Computer Interaction - Interaction Design and Usability (Part
Julie Jacko 978-3-540-73104-7
LNCS 4551 Human-Computer Interaction - Interaction Platforms and Techniques (Part II) Julie Jacko 978-3-540-73106-1
LNCS 4552 Human-Computer Interaction - HCI Intelligent Multimodal Interaction Environments (Part III) Julie Jacko 978-3-540-73108-5
LNCS 4553 Human-Computer Interaction - HCI Applications and Services (Part IV) Julie Jacko 978-3-540-73109-2
LNCS 4554 Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction - Coping with Diversity (Part I) Constantine Stephanidis 978-3-540-73278-5
LNCS 4555 Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction - Ambient Interaction (Part II) Constantine Stephanidis 978-3-540-73280-8
LNCS 4556 Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction - Applications and Services (Part III) Constantine Stephanidis 978-3-540-73282-2
LNCS 4557 Human Interface and the Management of Information - Methods, Techniques and Tools in Information Design (Part I) Michael J. Smith and Gavriel Salvendy 978-3-540-73344-7
LNCS 4558 Human Interface and the Management of Information - Interacting in Information Environments (Part II) Michael J. Smith and Gavriel Salvendy 978-3-540-73353-9
LNCS 4559 Usability and Internationalization - HCI and Culture (Part I) Nuray Aykin 978-3-540-73286-0
LNCS 4560 Usability and Internationalization - Global and Local User Interfaces (Part II) Nuray Aykin 978-3-540-73288-4
LNCS 4561 Digital Human Modeling Vincent G. Duffy 978-3-540-73318-8
LNAI 4562 Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics Don Harris 978-3-540-73330-0
LNCS 4563 Virtual Reality Randall Shumaker 978-3-540-73334-8
LNCS 4564 Online Communities and Social Computing Douglas Schuler 978-3-540-73256-3
LNAI 4565 Foundations of Augmented Cognition 3rd Edition Dylan D. Schmorrow and Leah Reeves 978-3-540-73215-0
LNCS 4566 Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with Computers Marvin J. Dainoff 978-3-540-73332-4
4550-4566 HCII 2007 Proceedings - Full Set 978-3-540-73352-2

For more information about HCI International 2007 please e-mail info (at) hci-international (dot) org.

HCII 2007 Call for Participation leaflet   (application/pdf - 1775Kb)  
HCII 2007 Poster A3 size   (application/pdf - 1058Kb)  
HCII 2007 Final Program   (application/download - 4843Kb)  
HCII 2007 List of Exhibitors   (application/pdf - 941Kb)  

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